Our custom software has been conceived in order to adapt to all needs, on the most demanding of all sectors.

Mianet products

Here you will find everything related to mianet® products. Mianet® products are innovative due to their technological architecture.

Mianet support

To help you optimize your mianet® solution, we put the best experts at your disposal: consultancy, commercial support, technical help and customer service.

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mianet® is an essential software in the digitization process of your company, Thanks to its wide range of features and functionalities, it will be the digital control center of your company.


A variety analyzed and developed for customers. It is built starting from a set and thinking about what comes next. Scalability is not the barrier of mianet® solutions.

Comfortable and Intuitive

Mianet® solutions have a pleasant design and comfortable operation so that anyone can benefit from their advantages.

We also have solutions capable of displaying data graphs so that you can access and compare the information in a comfortable and accessible way..

Mianet® solutions

We have a wide variety of mianet® solutions, so you can choose the one that best suits your business and your projects.

Business intelligence tools is a type of application software designed to collaborate with business intelligence (WITH A) in the processes of organizations.

mianet® BI

Specifically, these are tools that assist the analysis and presentation of data., this tool will allow you to take off your business in the most comfortable way.

mianet® sector

We have several mianet solutions for each work sector, counting on the needs and problems of each sector, it has been specifically designed to solve them.

mianet® ERP

We have solutions that are responsible for managing production, distribution and all the general areas of your business, facilitating and centralizing your business needs.

Our mianet® products

In addition to offering our solutions, we also offer a great support service, modules to expand the capabilities of solutions and create custom forms.

Digitize your processes with our mianet® software

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    Popular Choice

    mianet Lite

    30/ my

    For businesses that want to grow.

    • TPV (Point of sale terminal)
    • Accounting, billing, inventories, …
    • Simple collection and payment management.
    • Definition of articles
    • Statistics and dashboards.

    Popular Choice


    49/ my

    For small and medium businesses

    • Sales department linked to finance and technical service.
    • Basic document management.
    • Inventory with purchasing information.
    • Automated administrative processes
    • Dynamic queries in dashboards

    Popular Choice


    29/ my

    For companies that need information at the moment.

    • Dynamic web information
    • Custom reports
    • Configurable portal with company logos
    • Office integration.
    • Responsive information.
    • Types of roles and users.

    Popular Choice


    $199/ annual

    For new starters in business.

    • 1 Mailbox, 1 Docs site
    • Reports (brief history)
    • 24×7 Live Support
    • Automated Workflows

    Popular Choice


    $399/ annual

    For small and midsize business

    • 3 Mailboxes, 1 Docs site
    • Reports (full history)
    • 24×7 Live Support
    • Automated Workflows
    • Satisfaction Ratings

    Popular Choice


    $699/ annual

    For established enterprises

    • 5 Mailboxes, 1 Docs site
    • Reports (full history)
    • 24×7 Live Support
    • Automated Workflows
    • Satisfaction Ratings
    • API and 50+ integrations